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1911 8 oz. Popcorn Machine

This elegant popcorn popper machine combines a beautiful antique look and feel with a modern commercial popcorn popper machine. The Paragon 1911 8 oz. looks like the 1911 4 oz. but it has a heating element in the base and an "old maid" tray for unpopped kernels (both not included on the 1911 4 oz.).

Dimensions - 20"Wide x 16"Deep x 29"Tall Weight - 72 lbs.

Popping Cycle Times - 3 minutes

Make your popper mobile by combining it with a matching cart. Each cart includes storage area for ingredients and a removeable shelf. Please see the item labeled " Small Cart" for details.

1911 8 oz. Popcorn Machine 7014$650.00

Click to enlargeMedium Popcorn Cart for 1911 8 oz.Finish your great popcorn machine with the stylish and functional red cart.

Medium Popcorn Cart for 1911 8 oz. 7011$383.00